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Eckerlin Meats Hanger Steak

Prepared Hanger Steak

What is this reason for naming this cut of meat hangar?

Hanger steak (sometimes spelled hangar) is very popular right now. This steak has multiple names and has been referred to as the butcher’s steak or hanging tenderloin.

When a cow gets butchered or “blocked” as we call it, the carcass is cut in half, length wise, then in quarters. When separating the fore quarter from the hind quarter, there is a steak that just "hangs" there. Hence, the name hanger steak.

This muscle actually connects from the eighth rib of the animal to the diaphragm.

What else distinguishes Hanger Steak from other cuts of beef?

Hanger steak boasts very robust beef flavor. Although the texture is a little different than a filet, NY strip, or rib eye, it is very tender. This is due to the hanger steaks heavy marbling of internal fat that gives it so much tenderness and flavor.

Hanger steak is great on the grill. It also works well indoors, especially in a hot cast iron skillet.






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